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Our Impact | Giving

Good intentions need to be built in and these are the programs that birdsnest has put in place to make giving back part of what we do everyday.

birdsnest is humbled to partner with charities having an incredibly positive impact in the world changing the lives of those less fortunate.

Over the years we have also been pleased to support many varied charity organisations including The Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul, Cancer Council Australia, National Heart Foundation of Australia, Country Education Foundation and Monaro Committee for Cancer Research.

Based in Ethiopia, the foundation is dedicated to eradicating obstetric fistula, a horrific and preventable childbirth injury.

We thank our community for helping us raise over $23,000 since 2020 to improve the life of these mothers

School For Life is a not-for-profit organisation working in rural Uganda on a mission to educate poverty out of existence.

Through our market days and books for good, we have raised over $33,000 since 2021 to assist with this mission

An organisation based in Jindabyne, planting trees in an effort to draw down carbon from the atmosphere and keep our planet and our mountains beautiful.

We have raised over $26,000 to plant more than 5,000 trees and had two volunteer planting days with 1,500 trees in the ground so far

A global organisation helping improve the lives of children not only in Australia, but all around the world.

Birdsnest has contributed 258 kg to their op shops since May 2021 and $5,000 to their Ukraine Appeal in 2022 with a market day dedicated to the cause coming up

The Butterfly Foundation supports those suffering from an eating disorder or other body image concerns and helps educate us on how we can help our community embrace the body they are in.

Through our books for good program, we have so far raised $5,000 for Butterfly Foundation


Each year the team participates in Steptember aiming to walk 10,000 steps and raise funds and awareness for people living with cerebral palsy.

Since 2015, together the team has walked over 130 million steps for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and has raised over $53,000.

100% of the sale price of this range is donated to four charities doing impactful work. We've raised over $40,000 for our partner charities since December 2020.

We are supporters of small community fundraisers, particularly supporting better health, education and equality outcomes. birdsnest has provided over $140,000 in donations and vouchers since 2019.

We run physical markets at the nest to find homes for our seconds stock, 50% of sales on the day are donated to a charity partner. Our first market days together raised over $40,000 for our partner charities.

Our unique customer rewards programs focuses on gifts that ‘give back’ - either for the planet, community or to support a charitable cause. These are our “do-good” rewards that bring a little extra good into the world and we’re excited to share them with you.


Coconut oil that is so good, it literally changes lives. This is no ordinary extra virgin organic coconut oil. It’s the pure taste of hand-pressed freedom that’s helping to erase poverty and empower thousands of lives. 100% of profits made from their hand-made virgin coconut oil products go back to the local villagers of the Solomon Islands where the coconuts are grown, harvested and pressed.


These lovely earrings are handmade, giving each one a special character of its own. In the mountains of Northern Ethiopia, farmers supply Entoto with artillery shells that are found on their lands. Through traditional techniques passed down for generations, the village artisans melt these shells down to create beautiful jewellery in a loving, community environment.


Since 2002, WomenWeave, a small factory in Madhya Pradesh in central India, has created and supported a community of weavers. WomenWeave supports the role of women in handloom weaving, working towards making it a profitable, sustainable and dignified income earring for women in rural India.