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Our Impact | everyBODY

We are focused on nurturing and inspiring you to be confident in the skin you’re in, no matter what age, ability, ethnicity, or body shape.

Embracing diversity and inclusion starts with our team. In our nest HQ, amongst our 160 employees, we have 18 different nationalities and cultures proudly represented. We are lucky enough to have some minority groups represented including those who live with a disability and those who identify as gender neutral. The age range of our team starts at 15 and extends to 72 years of age and women hold the majority of our leadership roles.


We celebrate this diversity as a gift, it breathes creativity, empathy and strength into our little community.

It's our intention to represent our wider community through the models we select to wear the clothes on our site. After all, we want her to rock her outfit, in the moment, whatever her age, body shape, ability or ethnicity.

Ensuring we offer an inclusive size range in our garments is extremely important to us. We want to provide the best possible shopping experience for everyone - regardless of your size or shape. This is why, we not only go from sizes 8-22/24 in our exclusive brands, but we also encourage our suppliers to extend their size range if they don’t already have an inclusive offering.

As a community of women communicating to women everyday, we realised we could have a positive role in changing the conversation and expectations around body image. Back in 2018 through our work with Taryn Brumfit and the Body Image Movement, we made a pledge to embrace and make fashion at birdsnest friendly for everyBODY.

Making beautiful fashion accessible to more women with all bird brands offering size 8 to size 22 and pushing other brands to do the same.

Showcasing our garments on women of different sizes, ethnicities and ages. We want women to see themselves in the birdsnest community.

To avoid unrealistic beauty standards we do not photoshop or airbrush any natural features on our models.

We commit to inspiring confidence and encouraging kindness by using language and sparking only positive conversations within our community about women’s bodies. We want to create a safe space free of judgement where people can be themselves and raise each other up.