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Our Impact | Planet

Our nest is part of a bigger ecosystem, our decisions impact this generation and future generations.

Climate change is an urgent issue for the world we live in and reducing our environmental footprint is a central focus for us at birdsnest. It is a continual improvement process adopting what we are learning about sustainability and circularity in the fashion industry into what role we can play in that.

Our lifetime returns guarantee and our rehatched program, are both part of us taking responsibility for the clothing we bring into the world. They are important steps in helping us and the industry become more circular.

You trade in once loved wardrobe
pieces for a credit or donation

We prepare your gently
worn styles for their new home

Together we find each garment a
new perfect match and extend its life

Rehatched helps us all share a bigger and more circular wardrobe by giving our customers a simple platform to rehome beautiful pieces that still have plenty of life and love left to give.

Customers contributing items receive a small credit to shop new or preloved or they can even donate to a woman in need. Customers shopping the rehatched range are offered a first class experience when buying second hand styles. We want to reframe perceptions around the preloved clothing shopping experience and encourage us all to think differently about our wardrobes and the lifecycle of our clothes.

Together with our community, we are helping extend the life of the clothing we bring into the world.

When your parcel arrives, it should feel like a gift, and while we promise to continue wrapping your parcels with love, we also commit to using the most environmentally responsible packaging solutions available. To learn more about our compostable satchels and our latest investments in environmentally friendly packaging, please see our packaging blog.

We are currently giving our customers a wide selection of fabric choices. We are educating ourselves on new initiatives in the sustainable fibre space, such as recycled fabrics, and looking into how these can be incorporated into our ranges. We will continue to offer more fabric choices in the future. If you are seeking to find or avoid any fabric - please use our “Material” filter available on all the catalogue pages on our site.

There are some principles we have adopted around sourcing materials which include the following:

  • No animal fur is used in the production of the garments offered through birdsnest. This includes Angora fur from rabbits.
  • No fabric is knowingly sourced from areas where any of the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) terms are breached. For example, there are current concerns over Uzbekistan Cotton and forced labour.
  • Fabric processes need to be compliant with ISO standards and no dangerous chemicals used in the production of the clothing.

In terms of waste in the the production process, as part of partnering with our clothing suppliers, we ask the following:

  • All production processes will be conducted in a way that is as safe as possible for the environment and conforms to local environmental laws and standards.
  • Waste will be minimised and recycled, and in particular offcuts and raw material residue from the production of our garments will be recycled or reused, rather than sent to landfill.
  • Emissions that can have a negative impact on the environment will be minimised.

One of the ways we hope to reduce our environmental footprint is through the production of quality and timeless garments that can be worn season after season. We carefully curate those garments into outfits and capsules for you so that you can achieve the maximum amount of looks, with minimal pieces. We believe this makes your wardrobe go further.

Since 2020 we have partnered with Keep It Cool - a not for profit organisation planting trees in the Snowy Mountains to help draw down carbon from the atmosphere. You can read more about our tree planting efforts with Keep It Cool on our blog.