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Our Impact

birdsnest is a regionally based community of people that cares deeply about each other, the women we serve and the world around us.

Our vision has always been to empower women. This along with growing and supporting our team of 150, 85% of whom are female, has always been at the heart of our business and its positive impact.

In 2015, birdsnest embarked on a Mindfulness journey with the team. This powerful educational program and practice has, over the years, had many positive outcomes at all levels of birdsnest - from transformative personal experiences, richer team culture, and ultimately a raised sense of social consciousness in the business.

We have introduced many new initiatives over this time - from programs to reduce our environmental impact, to new partnerships with incredible charity organisations, to a renewed commitment to embrace diversity and portray women in a more realistic light in our imagery and most recently our lifetime returns and rehatched initiative.

The fashion industry faces important and complex issues, and while birdsnest still has so much to learn, we are on a journey to greater transparency and sustainability. We hope you will come on the ride with us. It is a road of continuous improvement (we suspect with no end) so please share any of your feedback and ideas, we sincerely want our little nest to do good in the world and we are pleased to share some of our commitments and progress.

Our Impact : People

Who made your clothes?

Learn about the people behind your clothes, where they are made and our commitment to ethical trade. Read more

Our Impact : Planet

How are we treading lighter?

Find out what steps we are taking to reduce our environment footprint form our packaging to renewables to becoming more circular. Read more

Our Impact : Giving

How do we give back?

birdsnest is humbled to partner with charities having an incredibly positive impact in the world changing the lives of those less fortunate. Read more

Our Impact : everyBODY

How do we embrace diversity & inclusion?

We want you to be confident in the skin you're in, no matter what ethnicity, or body shape. Read more

Impact Collections

Have an impact with the way you shop. We can have a greater positive impact when we join forces together.