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10 Australia, 20 China

We have been working with Deena and Winston from WD Designs since 2003. Whenever we get together you can be sure that there will be as much laughing as hard work! Our partnership is built on years of trust and a mutual respect for the processes and our customer. They create designs they call “fashion for bodies in the real world”, and always have their customer, the birdsnest girl, top of mind when making any decisions.

On top of their incredible talent and expert craftsmanship, we were instantly drawn to Deena and Winston’s genuine love and care of working together. They met by chance one afternoon in Sydney when Winston was a local maker creating designs for some of Australia’s most iconic brands and setting up his own retail store, whilst Deena was working in fashion sales development. They refer to themselves as Mr & Mrs Instant, and after hitting it off in that first meeting, they started a business together just 2 weeks later. That was 19 years ago!

They now have 10 employees in their Australian office, and 20 employees in their factory in Dongguan, China (9 women, 11 men with the youngest worker 21 years). Their specialties include soft, drape jersey styles as well as woven knits and more structured garments. They produce some of the loveliest, top quality garments that we are always so proud to share with you.