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Just wanted to say 'thank you' for all the great service that we customers receive. Nothing seems to be an effort. Service is A+, packaging perfect and beautiful. Some companies have forgotten about service but all at The Nest make up for some of their poor customer relations.
July 11, 2014
Anne, QLD
Hi, just wanted to say how very impressed I am with not only my gorgeous new tops, but the personal touches included in how my parcel arrived! Soo lovely and thoughtful the wrapping, the bag, the personal welcome note from Lan and members card! Outstanding customer service and I will definitely shop with you again and again!
July 9, 2014
Anessa, QLD
I received my parcel this morning! This was my first order and I am absolutely thrilled with it. Thank you so much! The dress and shoes are perfect - they are to wear to my niece’s wedding. Thank you also for the lovely and careful way the items were packaged. It spoke volumes! Thank you, thank you - I will definitely be ordering again - and letting my family and friends know what great service you provide, as well as the beautiful things!
July 8, 2014
Robyn, NSW
I only put my order in on Sunday night and my parcel of goodies arrived this morning and everything is gorgeous and fits like a dream. Also really appreciated the handwritten note and little gift of a USB (my husband has pocketed that already!!) I've been unwell for the past couple of months so it really gave me a boost to have my special delivery fly in this morning. I love your website, it’s not only beautifully designed but it functions really well, fast and easy to navigate, excellent quality photos with good colour-likeness to the actual garments, as well as being full of useful tips, good sizing info, reviews and trouble-free ordering and payment. You should all be very proud of what you've built and the passion for constant improvement really shows. Keep up the great work girls.
July 8, 2014
I just wanted to…say thank you. I received an order today from birdsnest which included a special surprise present for me. I have always loved opening my purchases from your website; the personal service is so lovely so to receive a little thank you today made my day.
July 4, 2014
Kaylene, WA
Just wanted to say a thank you for a lovely, lovely service. I am very impressed by the items I received - which look even better in real life, and also by a cute message, fast delivery, great packaging... I also want to say thank you for the fantastic items descriptions on your website - your recommendations have worked a treat. You are all doing a grand job - keep up the great work!
July 3, 2014
Biba, VIC
Well what a refreshing compliment to customer service it is when you receive a hand written note with your parcel! I loved it, Thank you for doing that. I had to write to thank you all for your wonderful company, truly it's amazing. I saw a link on Facebook about it last week, ordered Friday and received my dress yesterday. Beautifully wrapped, and just gorgeous all round you made me feel like I was getting a real treat- which it was, I don't normally buy new clothes. So thank you girls for the effort you put into my order, it was not only noticed but appreciated. I wish you all the very best with your company and will be telling everyone to check it out BIRDSNEST.
July 2, 2014
Hayley, VIC
As a new customer I just wanted to quickly write and say thank you so much for the very quick service – I ordered Monday afternoon and received my parcel this morning. It was also SO beautifully packaged which is what I wanted to comment on – it is a small thing but it really makes a difference and so many online companies are lacking in that way. You obviously care about your customers and it shows.
June 25, 2014
Jennifer, Sydney, NSW
Thanks so much for your lovely personal note with my order. It's always exciting to receive a parcel, but extra special with a hand written note and a gift. All the items were exactly as expected - perfect. Your service is exceptional.
June 25, 2014
Stacy, Taroona, TAS
I was flipping through a Country Style magazine last month and noticed an ad for your online store. I had a look online straight away and since that day I have been quietly building my very own “nest” of wishlist items. After terrible experiences with big online shopping stores, which scared me off online shopping, I finally took the plunge and ordered my first ever Birdsnest dress last Saturday. I felt incredibly comforted when I received such a beautiful automated email about my order. I thought I may have to wait a week and a half despite the note on your site that states it’s a 4 day delivery service. I was amazed that my order turned up first thing the following Tuesday morning with such a lovely hand written note welcoming me to the “nest”. It immediately made me want to buy more! Which I did. For my next order (on the same day my dress turned up) I ordered a pair of boots. I didn’t know if they would fit (I always have difficulties in getting boots to fit), but with such a pleasant experience on my first order I took comfort in the 365 day return and didn’t think that you would judge me for returning the boots if they didn’t end up fitting me. I could not believe it when the boots arrived the very next day… and they fit perfectly!!! What was even more exciting was yet another hand written note welcoming me back to Birdsnest. Your customer service has been so thoughtful, welcoming and has definitely made me feel as if I have been part of something special. I will continue to shop and spruik birdsnest.com.au. Thank you for such a fantastic experience.
June 23, 2014
Natasha, VIC
I never write testimonials! But I just received your package today and I want to say a massive thank-you and tell you to keep doing what you do. All of your emails are so nice as well as being professional, the shipping rate is AMAZING and came dead on time! Your packaging and hand written note were so cute and so nice to automatically have a rewards card made! The best and most efficient people to shop with in a long time. Thank-you once again and good luck! I will definitely be recommending this site!
June 10, 2014
Gabby, WA
I am writing to thank you and the team at Birdsnest. I not only had a wonderful afternoon browsing your website to choose my items but they arrived so fast, packaged so neatly, and I can't tell you how great I feel in them...they are all just perfect!! Have a wonderful weekend, Kindest Regards.
May 30, 2014
Peta, NSW
I was just reading my parcel flying email from you and my doorbell rang. It was my Birdsnest parcel! Just wanted to say Thankyou for the good service. The hand written note is always a nice touch.
May 29, 2014
Yvette, QLD
Just got my parcel!!! It looked more like a gift lovingly wrapped...so thrilled with my purchase and WILL be shopping again soon. I love your business!!
May 29, 2014
Deb, SA
I have been a member of Birdsnest for a while and watched the site develop. I recently got a package from you, I wanted to compliment you on the speed at which you send things, but most of all - how you make an online shopping experience still seem quite personal with the lovely little notes you send with each purchase. A recent purchase had a nice surprise with it - so thanks! Anyway - you must be a great place to work as it seems to shine through the service you give, So well done to you all.
May 29, 2014
Felicity, VIC
This has been a long time coming! I live in outback QLD on a remote cattle station and we’re experiencing the worst drought in some 49 years. Life is short and I love my fashions so I made another order through Birdsnest that arrived in typically speedy time (despite our prehistoric postal system). As usual it left the biggest smile on my face!!! The renowned penned note is such a delightful addition to an already exciting parcel. It’s the birthday present we all desire . . . arrives ANY day of the year, devinely wrapped and presented with a personal note AND better still, the PERFECT gift because it’s always want you want! Thank you again gals, for the personal touch.
May 29, 2014
Netta, QLD
Thankyou sooooo much! Received my first purchase today. So quick! Plus you let me know when it was sent. I love the red drawer string bag, but then I opened it and found a HANDWRITTEN note! I was so amazed, great service. I will tell my friends... But the selfish side of me wants to keep you all to myself! So fantastic, not sure if it is PMT or not, but feel emotional!! Thankyou very much.
May 28, 2014
Kim, TAS
I received my Threads vest and I love it of-course. I would like to pass on my delight with your web site and service, I found your emails refreshing , the packaging and your note fun and funky. I am a first time user and will not be the last. I have passed on your link to several friends to enjoy the Nest Girls as well. Thank you once again for the great service.
May 18, 2014
Rochelle, NSW
I just wanted to say that I LOVE this email! I am stylistically challenged, so to offer me a complete, affordable wardrobe is much appreciated.
May 15, 2014
Melinda, VIC
I placed my first order last week and had to write and say how impressed I am with your wonderful service. The emails giving updates, the speed of delivery were great but what I loved most - the hand written note in with my (fairly modest) purchase, - you give customer service par excellence, a very rare but much appreciated experience. Wishing you ongoing and well deserved success. Kind regards and a heartfelt thank you for a job well done. (and the great red bag)
May 12, 2014
Jane, VIC
OMG how fabulous! I am not a confident shopper at all but your selection of outfits make it so easy to see what goes with what and helps out a lot. I took the punt and ordered $1500.00 worth of clothes shoes, bags accessories etc thinking out of all of the 19 items I would at least fit into 3 of them, I can return the rest , well what a lovely surprise to find out I don't need to send anything back!!! WOOHOO! That's me set for winter and spring... 40 years I have shopped for jeans and never found a pair I absolutely love, well I have just got more confident in shopping overnight, thank you all so much, love your work... To top it off I ordered on a Saturday night and received the parcel Thursday! We are 600 km away from any decent shops so no more slugging it around the malls in Perth anymore!!!! Can't wait to shop for my next outfit! I just did a show in front of my friend, she reckons my husband will have to chain me to him I look that hot!!! Can't get a better compliment than that, and next time we will be shopping for her as well.
May 2, 2014
Just received my first purchase from your online store and wanted to thank and compliment you on the great communication after purchase,fast and seamless transaction/delivery,handwritten note that accompanied my order,a lovely touch,great marketing re the inclusion of a loyalty card,and lovely presentation of my purchase i.e. tissue, branded seal, envelope, and eco shopping pouch. And … loved the jacket that I ordered. I can already see that it will be a favourite. Well done girls! You deserve success when you’re so obviously putting yourselves in the shoes of your shoppers. I look forward to shopping with you again.
May 1, 2014
Carol, NSW
I love your website. I love your service. I love that’s it’s only women’s clothes. I love that the ‘bird’ theme is followed through so completely and so cleverly. I love that you are based in a regional centre. I love the little touches. I love that you have ‘breastfeeding friendly’ clothes – even though my breastfeeding days finished last year. I love that I can shop by a number of different categories and combine then as I wish. I love the ‘Complete the look’ outfits. Last but not least, I love the very useful ‘Features’ and ‘Will it suit me’ information for each item.
April 16, 2014
Philippa, VIC
My parcel has arrived and what a treat to receive. I have to tell you, your customer service and attention to detail is like no other company I’ve ever dealt with. Your website is so easy to navigate, visually stimulating and addictive (unfortunately for me). The order process was simple and you kept me informed the whole way along. Express posted parcels for $4.95 that arrived the next business day? Unheard of! Then to have it wrapped in tissue with a personalised handwritten note inside my own keepsake bag is priceless. I think Birdsnest needs to be used as the benchmark for all other online companies - to show them how it should be done. I’ll be back. Don’t tell my husband.
April 14, 2014
Kylie, VIC
I have just received my parcel, what a joy to open and seeing the red bag, How personnel is that, especially a hand written note from Tanya Many thanks Tanya a beautiful touch, Now that is “Customer Service”!!!! I'm delighted with the 2 items I purchased.Great quality and wrapped perfectly.Mu husband also commented “What a nice touch” I will sit back this evening and have some “Me” time and browse the leaflet posted with my goodies , you’ll be processing another order from me really soon, Stand by Birdies!!!!
April 7, 2014
Isabella, WA
I have bought a number of items from your site now and I must say how impressed I am with the quality of your clothing and accessories :) I love how you style outfits to certain body shapes, seasons and categories! So many times I just drool over the styled outfits wishing I had a blank cheque!!! Your personal touches and extremely fast delivery make shopping with you an absolute pleasure! Whenever i receive my items, I feel like it is christmas and I love unwrapping my gifts to myself!! Your amazing abilities to keep customers satisfied is beyond words. Every outfit I have worn that I have bought from your store, gets many compliments and I'm proud to pass on the website to all of my friends! You come highly recommended!!! Thankyou so much for showcasing styles that are perfect for every body shape and I continue to look forward to your newsletters!!
April 1, 2014
Samantha, NSW
I have never used your service before and someone recommended it to me and I just want to come past and say how impressed I was - am. Purchased online yesterday and it arrived by mid day today - a personal note, goodies wrapped up like a present, my members card and a freebie bag - wow - job well done - you should go into the business of training other organisations around the world in excellent customer service and logistics. To who ever owns, manages and works there - hat off to you all.
March 21, 2014
Jane, VIC
I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful service. I received my latest order today, so quick and LOVE all of it and I appreciate the personal note and the gift. It is so nice to feel valued as a customer and this does not happen often unfortunately. I tell everyone how much I love your website and find others have ordered from your site too and we all say, if we won Lotto we'd buy everything! Thanks again, I look forward to more gorgeous goodies in the future.
March 12, 2014
Linda, NSW
Just wanted to congratulate you on the amazing job you girls are doing! Your service is excellent, super-fast and cheap postage and great quality clothes. But above all, the consistency of sizing is fantastic! I have never bought clothes online because every time I go into a store that usually only sells one brand I have to try so many different shapes and sizes and most of the time nothing fits, so I've never liked the idea of having to go to the hassle and cost of sending things back. What a surprise to find that even though I've bought across 5 different brands from you, everything fits perfectly! I also love the personalised touch of the hand-written note you pop in with each order - definitely feeling the love :) You will most certainly be receiving another order from me soon.
March 7, 2014
Belinda, NSW
Thanks for the clothes, they arrived safely and I love them all. But more than that, I love your service and the beautiful handwritten notes. It’s just gorgeous and adds a whole new dimension of enjoyment to my shopping experience. I’m sharing your site with all my friends and my daughter is doing the same with a much younger generation of friends. I hope you all do wonderfully.
February 26, 2014
Mandy, NSW
I am not really one to bother with sending thank you’s to suppliers, but this is well deserved. I have been meaning to send you an email for a while to say thank you very much for the service you have provided - more so the small hand written note that was sent with my garment a few weeks ago. I have to say, it was the nicest personal gesture to receive. It truly is a nice touch that left a smile on my face. Your customer service is amazing. Thanks again, I look forward to receiving more shopping from you.
February 20, 2014
Anita, VIC
I ordered 2 pairs of shoes (as a first time customer) a couple of days ago from your site and not only are they ALREADY on my feet, but they were packaged beautifully AND I received a wonderful hand-written note with my order! Now THAT'S the way an online shopping experience should be! Not only is your site a pleasure to use, but your customer service is up there with the best I've ever experienced from an online retailer (and that's saying something, because I have been known to shop quite a bit!) Congratulations on getting it so right and thank you for making my first (of many) shopping experiences with you such a pleasure.
February 7, 2014
Sarah, NSW
You run a fantastic business, the reviews, will it suit my body type are fantastic! I never have any problems and love how fast your service is. The hand written cards in parcel also don't go unnoticed. I always tell everyone to shop with you.
February 4, 2014
Megan, NSW
I have never before ordered clothes online, just thought it was too risky (fit and quality), but I feel in love with your site and took the risk. I am so glad I did. I received my order today! (FAST) and everything is perfect, and was beautifully packaged. All items fit like a dream, and are even nicer on than I had anticipated. I will be using your company again I am so impressed with the quality and the service. Keep up the great work.
January 14, 2014
Meredith, NSW
I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to you all! I stumbled across your website because we have a new dress code at work and I needed a new wardrobe. I love dressing nicely and have always admired people who have everything matching like necklaces, shoes, etc. but I have never had the time or patience to actually shop for everything myself. When I found your website I was absolutely in heaven!! I just couldn't believe my luck when I realised someone has already done the hard work in making awesome outfits, and I could just do the fun part of browsing and buying. I made my first order on Friday and have been excited all weekend about my package arriving. I live in semi-rural NSW and couldn't believe my luck when it arrived on Monday morning, wrapped beautifully and with a hand-written note. The clothes were perfect and I was so impressed with the quality brands you use. I have already recommended your website to three people who are as excited as I am. Thank you again for everything you're doing,
January 6, 2014
Jess, NSW
Just wanted to drop you a line to say how impressed I am with birdsnest! What a gorgeous site. It is really hard to find plus size clothes that express my style and I feel as though I've just struck gold. The curated outfits are fun to browse and being able to search by body shape and size is a big time saver. I love the blurbs on each label and item as it's nice to have a bit of background, and it lends a friendly vibe. Your selection of accessories is lovely, too.
November 3, 2013
I just wanted to say that I can't believe what excellent service you offered with my return. First I didn't even fill out the required form (which I think is totally reasonable) and then I got my replacement hoodie 3 business days later. You were really nice to me on the phone providing return details etc - thanks so much. I will definitely shop with you guys again - what a pleasure!
July 10, 2013
I picked up my parcel today and was delighted with the products. A friend at work recommended I check out your site as she said I would love the fabric of some specific brands. What also prompted me to purchase from the site was the fact that this is an Australian business hiring women from the local area. She also mentioned the care taken with the wrapping and the wonderful touch of writing personalised notes. I regularly shop online as I find it easier now that I have a young child. I have had instances when my order has not been able to be filled completely because an item has become unavailable and the cost of that item has been refunded. It's to be expected. What I did not expect was the sincere apology, free shipping and gift voucher that was offered by birdsnest. It is obvious that this is a company that values its customers and I would be happy to recommend the site to friends and colleagues. I look forward to popping over to birdsnest in the future and using my voucher – thank you.
June 27, 2013
Tamara, NSW
I just received my second birdsnest parcel and wanted to drop you a line and tell you all that you are FABULOUS! Coming from retail experience, I know how wonderful it is to get good feedback - and it’s nice to know you are doing a good job! Your website makes online shopping a pleasure so keep up the good work! I live very far north of Perth and the closest thing I have to shopping is a K-mart, so when I found you I fell in love! I love the personal little cards.. they make me feel so special! I tell anyone and everyone that I know about your website. You would be surprised at the amount of fashionable women with nothing to do but online shop up here!! I especially love the styled outfits, as well as who the outfit would suit... this helps us boobiliscious women out there!! Thank you thank you thank you!
June 26, 2013
Victoria, WA
Just want to say that every time I have ordered from you it has been such a pleasure. You consistently provide such a fantastic level of customer service, and I have complete confidence that I will be happy with my purchase. So thank you for your hard work and lovely, personalized service. It really makes a difference.
June 4, 2013
Antoinette, VIC
I am a working mum of 3 that doesn’t get time to go cruising the shops. I have been watching your website for some time but have held off buying anything online because I have been burned before. What you see isn’t always what you get.. I bit the bullet and submitted my very first birdsnest online order on Saturday. Imagine my surprise when I arrived home on Tuesday afternoon to find a big white bag covered in cute little red birds! And then I opened it up.. Everything was beautifully wrapped and there was a lovely hand written note welcoming me to your store. Then there were the clothes.. They are all great quality and nothing short of fabulous!!! I was so excited I tried all of them on and they made me feel trendy, sophisticated, simply gorgeous! Thank you girls for making me feel a million bucks – I’ll be back!
May 14, 2013
Alyson, ACT
WOW - ONLY 3 days ago I ordered a skirt and jacket and it is here already. Thank you so much. Beautifully packed. I love getting the handy red bird bags. I should order more!! It is a superb outfit and fits perfectly. I don’t wear black much, but this will be my exception! Well worth every cent. It is beautifully made and just so quirky. Will keep looking as I LOVE this site.
March 8, 2013
Susie, QLD
Just wanted you to know that my first item has arrived from birdsnest and I couldn't be more delighted!!! Not only did it come wrapped in tissue paper but came in a lovely red birdsnest bag (which I will be using lots!) and with a HANDWRITTEN NOTE!!!!!!! Extraordinary. I thought that handwriting had gone where the dinosaurs were! And all of that was before I even got to the item I ordered (which was just beautiful). I just wanted to say a big thank you, it made my day and I will definitely be coming back to birdsnest to do more shopping! Well done and thank you!
February 19, 2013
Jenny, VIC
I would just like to say thank you for the most personal online shopping I have ever experienced! I received an email letting me know my purchase had been sent, it was so personal! Even told me who packed my purchase. I love that everything is sent by express post without an extra charge. I felt like I was buying something from a friend, not a website! I have been telling all my friends and family about your website and will continue to spread the word about how amazingly personal your site is and what great service you provide. Keep up the great work, I’ll definitely be using birdsnest again.
January 21, 2013
Cassie, NSW