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Our Website

This website has been years in the dreaming. When IBM e-business consultant, Jane, fell in love with farmer Oli and married in 2000, dreams of running her very own online store from the country began. It had to provide something unique for women that no other online store had yet delivered and it had to look world class. So combining her love for fashion, IT and all things girly - Birdsnest was born. We hope you enjoy browsing our site as much as the Birdsnest girls have enjoyed building it for you. It is with much love and thought that each piece has been selected and recommended to you - we pride ourselves on having an eclectic, fun, stylish and attainable range. Please send any feedback (good or bad) on our site to customerservice@birdsnest.com.au

The Birdsnest Girls x

PS Copyright Birdsnest 2014. All rights reserved. So basically this means you can have fun with our photos at home but make sure you don't use any images on this website for a commercial purpose or you will be hearing from our gorgeous German solicitor.