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Our Team

Most importantly, our team loves what we do and we have fun doing it! Our talents are diverse and quirky but generally we have a good eye for 'what women want' and what will make them feel fabulous.

Funnily enough we are nearly all girls in the birdsnest team, although Anthony, Joel and the IT boys (the practical boys!) plus our partners and children are a very grounding influence. In the last 5 years, our team has grown from 5 people to over 90 people.... we have to pinch ourselves to believe it! Here are some of the key flocks behind the scenes:

Our Customer Service & Dispatch Birds: Our customer service birds are the friendly voices you will find at the end of the phone or e-mail. We also have a spectacular team who lovingly pack your parcels, write to you and set your parcels off in flight. 

Buyer Birds & Styling Birds: Their taste and flair for fashion is astounding. In this team are some wonderfully talented styling birds who make sure the clothes come to life in our descriptions, the photography, our styling tips and outfit suggestions. 

Shop Birds:  Our store in Cooma is run by a team of amazing birds Danielle and Liza are passionate about styling and can help put an outfit together for any shape or size. Lorraine and Sandy have an eye out for the 40+ girl, they have a way of putting together clothes so you still feel trendy without a hint of mutton as lamb! 

Creative Birds:  There is no shortage of ideas from everyone in the nest however Pen and her team make them a reality.....with their Macs in tow - they tackle any graphic design challenge with a smile and have an innate sense of what birdsnest means to us. 

Behind the Scene Birds: The chicks that really make it happen - they find room for all the new boxes arriving, unpack the new treats, price them, put them away, photograph them, fold them, love them,  - thank you to our lifeblood in the Warehouse team! And how could we forget Money Bird - Kath - be nice to her as she pays the bills!

Baby Birds: There is always a collection of fledglings usually in their first year out of school doing their traineeship and helping out wherever needed in the nest - thanks for keeping us young Blayne, Caitie, Emelia, Maggie, Shannon & Tori. 

And finally there is Jane, our Big Bird, who is passionate about women feeling good about themselves and following their dreams.

So that is us, the birdsnest girls. xo