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Mink Pink

Mink Pink


Mink Pink is a birdsnest girl's favourite! Mink Pink fashion is a showcase of dresses, tops, skirts and more that captivates and wins hearts. Find our exclusive birdsnest stylists' advice when you shop our Mink PInk range including recommended pieces for your body shape, and styled outfits that take the guesswork out of dressing, and much more! The birdsnest girls love Mink Pink and are thrilled that it's found a home in our nest.


Mink Pink Winter Lookbook 2013


Mink Pink  sizing is on the smaller side so you may need to go up a size depending on the style. Find our MinkPink sizing guide here, or in the size tab on each item page. If you have any styling or size queries, please ask us about them at customerservice@birdsnest.com.au, at our birdsnest Facebook page, or through Twitter

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